CHIPS Act of 2022: How Does Premio Fit Into The Semiconductor Ecosystem?

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On August 9th, 2022, President Biden officially signed an executive order for the CHIPS Act to strengthen the nation’s supply chain and reestablish global semiconductor leadership. Stated in the CHIPS Act of 2022, “Only 12% of chips are currently manufactured domestically, compared to 37% in the 1990s.” As the demand for semiconductors heighten and global competitors continue to invest heavily on semiconductor research, the United States have recognized the vulnerabilities the country faces if this decline is not addressed. This bill provides $52.7 billion in subsidies and tax credits to chip makers with operations in the United States. Over the next 5 years, these funds will be used to: 

  • Address and maintain a competitive position as a semiconductor manufacturing leader 
  • Strengthen domestic supply chain and national security
  • Increase semiconductor workforce (additional 90,000 workers by 2025) 
With the CHIPS Act passing, leading semiconductor companies from Intel, TSMC, GlobalFoundries, Samsung Foundry, and Texas instruments have announced multi-billion-dollar investments in the United States for expanding, upgrading, and building new fabs (fabrication facilities).

How Does Premio Fit Into The Semiconductor Ecosystem?

For over 30 years, Premio has partnered with leading semiconductor companies to
leverage the latest computing technologies in its portfolio of Embedded IoT Computers, Rugged Edge Computers, HMI Displays, and HPC Storage Servers. The signing of the CHIPS Act has allowed Premio to deepen its business relationships with semiconductor partners and provide the needed compute solutions for OEMs.

Suppliers Are Just as Critical as Your Customers

According to PwC, a leading research firm identifies that one key step in navigating supply chain disruption is deepening partnerships with suppliers that can help navigate extraordinary demand and supply scenarios. As a key supplier of embedded and edge computing solutions for major OEMs, Premio provides key capabilities to address challenges in:

 1. Research and Development

Engineering resources for hardware design and validation of enterprise computing.

2. Manufacturing Footprint

Automated assembly with localized integration and testing for deployment in the United States.

3. Sourcing and Supply Chain

A deep understanding and global network for compute technology in semiconductors, memory, storage, and connectivity. 

4. Alliances and Go-To-Market Capabilities

Tier 1 Partnerships with leading technology vendor.

Premio: A US-Based Computing Solutions Manufacturer

Premio is a turnkey engineering, manufacturing, and deployment for computing. We have the capabilities to design and manufacture rugged edge computing solutions with our scalable state-of-the-art facility located in Los Angeles, California.

How does Premio alleviate current supply chain and manufacturing challenges?


  • Just-in-time Material Planning
  • Rapid Time-to-Market
  • Operation efficient from manufacturer to end user
  • Located in Los Angeles, California
  • 30+ years of Premio expertise

Key Market Segments

Premio provides computing solutions in various market segments to that require real-time processing, more storage, and low-latency connectivity for next-gen applications for edge AI and machine learning:

  • Industrial Automation
  • Medical Imaging & Diagnostics
  • Security & Surveillance
  • In-Vehicle/Automotive
  • Smart Kiosk
  • Robotics