All-Flash Storage Arrays—Is it the Right Solution?

In our recent post, What is Flash Storage, we described this method of computer storage as flash memory, capable of storing computer data for long periods of time whereby power is not needed to save data. Flash storage uses solid state drive (SSD) technology as compared to hard disk drive (HDD) technology. Think of all-flash storage arrays as the use of a total flash based solution to your entire set of computer storage needs. You rely on multiple flash type memory drives with no moving parts rather than spinning hard disk platters. This type of memory is considered “nonvolatile” memory because of the fact that it can retain data without any power. This type of memory can also be erased and reprogrammed in memory blocks. While flash memory is commonplace for small devices, it is making its way as a remarkable large-scale storage solution and you recognize significant advantages.

What are Storage Arrays?

In terms of programming, we refer to a storage array (or disk array) as a series of storage elements of which are the same type and size; for example, block, object, or file-based storage. A storage array can be flash based (SDD) or hard-disk based (HDD). With recent developments in all-flash storage arrays and/or hybrids of flash and HDD, enterprise companies are finding new ways to store and manage inordinate amounts of data without compromise based on their specific business needs.

Advantages of All-Flash Storage Arrays

As technology advances, individuals and companies alike continue to create data in measures never seen before. While transactions are often small, data is big and getting bigger. HDD is known for capacity, but this is not always the solution new companies are seeking. Input/output (IO) between servers and storage demands may be challenged with traditional HDD storage solutions, especially in terms of single servers running multiple virtual machines (VM). With all-flash arrays (AFTs), the advantages when needed are nothing short of amazing.

  • Allows for optimum users without compromise or latency
  • Cost efficiency in minimized replacement requirements
  • Easy transition between traditional hard disk storage
  • Increased time to market for data-driven enterprises
  • Input/output response times are extremely fast in terms of data/mobility sharing and access
  • IT staff focus on bigger challenges with the ease of all-flash arrays (AFAs)
  • Multiple flash type memory drives with no moving parts equates to heightened efficiency
  • NAND flash architecture optimizes the storage function
  • Performance is increased with no wear on read activities; some wear on write activities
  • Real-time analytics on the fly offer better decision making
  • Sustainable, energy-efficient alternative with reduced heating and cooling needs
  • Uses an SDD controller to manage flash memory components and IO interfaces


For enterprise companies that require mass storage where performance is not critical and yet cost is a factor, HDD is still a valid and desirable option. A hybrid option that leverages both SSD and HDD is often a suitable alternative for companies that require a compromise between cost, performance, efficiency, and space. But an all-out flash storage solution in the form of a storage array may be the perfect alternative when businesses want to have every advantage and prepare for future growth and technological advances.

Who Can Benefit From All-Flash Storage Arrays?

Essentially, companies of any size can benefit from all-flash storage arrays, but the question remains as to who should migrate and when. SDD-based flash arrays without a doubt offer improved response times, accommodate large capacities without compromising in performance, function well without costly mechanical parts, occupy less disk space, and have less power and cooling requirements. Flash is becoming more affordable as the demands increase to meet app requirements.

All flash storage arrays offer a fully integrable solution with no more complex algorithms, fewer lifecycle considerations, better data protection, and increased serviceability. All flash storage arrays are shown to narrow the performance gaps between networking, processing, and storage capabilities while eliminating challenges, in a scalable alternative.

Office Computers

While an all-flash storage array solution may not be required by everyone and SMBs may find the solution beyond their budget, many expanding enterprises find it a must-have. When you plan on future growth in a simplistic solution, there is no question as to the benefits in all-flash storage arrays.

Why Premio Flash Storage Solutions?

Premio is versed in full-scale server and storage platforms, especially All-Flash-Array for content delivery network (CDN) and high-performance computing (HPC) storage. While flash storage is notorious at the enterprise level, Premio offers a suite of server and storage solutions to meet diverse business requirements:

  • Flash Storage Servers—FlacheSAN Series. Our solid state drive servers offer fast and high-density rackmounts. Expect uncompromised performance on 20-52 bays in a scalable option to meet business goals.
  • High Availability Servers—DuraStreams Series. A precision built line, Durastream is known as the easiest to service and designed for no downtime with hot-swappable bays and a 24/7 runtime. Expect a tool-less design, speed, and easy access.
  • General Purpose Servers—Omnistreams Series. Our scalable general purpose servers are well rounded for performance and flexibility. Omnistreams use a hybrid approach to blend the server designs that best accommodate your environment.
  • High-Density Servers—eDrawer Series. When you need a powerful yet power-efficient solution, our eDrawer ScaleStreams series is all of this and more. You get a scalable, custom package in a hot-swappable design for easy maintenance and zero downtime.

Server Storage Solution

Pictured: Server/Storage Solution - DSS316J-S3

The company specializes in a storage server design verification and testing process to ensure your customer satisfaction. With Premio flash storage solutions, you count on reliable server parts and services that met regulatory standards. As an Intel Direct Platinum Partner, Premio is backed by proven Intel server boards and components in an innovative package design nearly unmatched by our competitors. We offer you the same superior services as we do OEMs, ODMs, Fortune-500 businesses and startups, and we believe in a flexible business model to address your computer data and storage needs.

The Premio Difference

Given Premio’s history in supporting worldwide customers with premier all-flash storage array solutions, there is no question that Premio is a leader and innovator for enterprise digital systems. Premio is continually evolving so as to stay current with the technology that is driving businesses and turning them into success stories. The company is able to extend the technical knowledge and experience based on hundreds of satisfied clients, and we continue to forecast technology demands that will take companies like yours well into the future.

Today, there is a heightened demand for newly-designed storage systems that offer versatility along with performance and user experience. Premio is prepared to address one of the primary challenges that companies and IT managed services partners have in providing ultimate storage solutions that are next-generation ready. These service providers must be in a position to offer clients relevant and competitive storage options to align with their unique business needs.

Our Premio partnership with you includes a journey, and we aim to make it an easy one where we accommodate your needs and provide you with the details along the way. Our five top goals when you partner with us include ease of doing business, speed, flexibility, transparency, and return on investment. We serve leading companies in the industry who think we are doing a pretty good job at it.

As your server storage needs evolve over time, we stay up on technology in order to meet and exceed company needs. At Premio, we are ready to meet your most unique storage challenges. We’re a trusted OEM and ODM, helping you find solutions that align with your everyday and long-term objectives. We’ll help you figure out if an all-flash storage array solution is right for your enterprise.