Industrial Motherboards

Single Board Computers & Industrial Motherboards with Intel Processors

There is nothing more foundational a data driven business than the motherboard of a computer. The Premio’s line of industrial motherboards represents the standard of enterprise computing as well as the future of data management. Featuring Intel’s Skylake processor and backed by our unmatched level of services, each motherboard is crafted to fit your business’s needs. Premio offers three lines of motherboards:  The Mini ITX, The Micro ATX and the Single board computer. Each of these options bring the best of modern day computing in a design that can fit in some of the smallest of constraints. From robust computing networks to single board systems, Premio provides the best and most flexible industrial grade motherboards available. As experts in OEM, we provide end to end engineering services to execute your configuration needs and solve your design challenges. From a full custom solution to a small change in the I/O, we can adapt each motherboard to comply to your specifications without compromising performance.


3.5″ Single Board Computer w/ Intel® Haswell-U Embedded Processor Onboard

3.5″ Single Board Computer w/ Intel® ATOM™ Embedded Processor Onboard

Mini-ITX Industrial Motherboard with Q170 PCH for Intel® 6th generation desktop processor

Mini-ITX Industrial Motherboard with LGA 1150 Socket

MicroATX Industrial Motherboard with LGA 1151 Socket

MicroATX Industrial Motherboard with LGA 1150 Socket

DuraStreams – High Availability Servers

OmniStreams – General Purpose Servers

ScaleStreams – High Density Servers