Edge Computer

Edge computers are engineered to provide power-efficient processing, high-speed storage capacities, and data telemetry. They are a perfect solution for businesses that transform intelligent sensory data into remote, mobile, and decentralized edge deployments. These ruggedized edge computers provide real-time data processing, cellular and wifi connectivity, and the ability to run machine learning and inferencing close to source of data. In addition, these edge computers are built-ready with automotive ignition sensing in a PC/Car mode to ensure proper interaction with a 12V or 24V car battery. Premio Edge computers are also purpose-built with innovative thermal and mechanical designs to deliver unparalleled reliability, I/O flexibility, and mission-critical longevity. Our product lines of edge computing solutions include AI Edge Inference Computers, Industrial GPU Computers, Small Form Factor Computers, In-Vehicle Computers, and Waterproof Computers that integrate easily into rugged edge computing deployments at scale.