Premio at ISC West 2022 from March 22-25 @ Venetian Expo, Las Vegas, Nevada

About ISC West

The International Security Conference & Exposition is the leading trade event in the surveillance and security industry. The ISC west provides unique opportunities to network and connect with thousands of industry professionals and explore the latest trends and technologies from AI powered video surveillance to robotics and IoT security. Learn more about Premio’s comprehensive line of rugged NVR computers that are purpose built for intelligent security and surveillance systems.

ISC West Quick Re-cap 


Thank you to everyone who visited the Premio booth at ISCWest! It was a pleasure speaking to you all and being able to introduce you to NVR at The Rugged Edge.

Intelligent Surveillance at the Rugged Edge


Cloud computing provides a centralized platform for data processing and storage for connected surveillance systems. With the rapid growth in smart surveillance, the amount of data being sent to the Cloud for processing and storage is creating a burden on bandwidth and creating extra costs to store unused data. Edge computing brings data capture, processing, and storage closer to the connected surveillance devices and provides a better bandwidth optimization and lowered latency for real-time data processing to generate data insights for faster decisions and actions.

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Edge Computing Enables Real-Time Monitoring


Intelligent surveillance utilizes AI and deep learning algorithms to enable advanced facial and activity recognition. Enabling AI inferencing at the edge saves time and generates faster actionable insights from data for time-sensitive security activities. Deploying AI inferencing at the edge requires specialized hardware. The advancement in hardware engineering and chip design allows M.2 accelerators to provide a faster, smaller, and more energy efficient alternative to traditional GPUs.


Enabling AI powered security monitoring requires lots of data. Purpose-built computing solutions is necessary to process and store these data. Premio’s AI Edge Inference Computers consolidate next-gen technologies in multi-core processing, NVMe data storage, PCIe expansion, and 5G ready robust connectivity in a ruggedized computing system for Edge AI deployments.

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Introducing NVR to The Rugged Edge 


Premio jump-starts you with the latest technologies offered in preparation of the transitional phase towards Edge computing. Here are four technologies that are pushing the NVR sector towards the Rugged Edge: 

  1. Ubiquitous Computing - Bring computing to your fingertips wherever you are 
  2. Cloud-to-Edge Infrastructure - Reduce latency, time, and cost of Cloud-native applications 
  3. 5G Connectivity - Ultra-low latency, Enhanced mobile broadband, Machine-to-Machine communication 
  4. Artificial Intelligence - Deliver real-time inferencing and data processing without reliance on the Cloud 

Watch this video about the RCO-6000-CFL >>


Featured Products At ISC West 2022

The RCO-6000-CFL-4NH is one of Premio's high performance AI Edge Inferencing machines that includes a dual, tool-less, hot-swappable storage canister bricks with safe ejection technology. The 4NH is modular where the top portion is the industrial computer that can be I/O configurable, while the bottom, EDGEBoost, portion is where the GPU and data storage capabilities are. 

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