IoT World 2021 November 3-4, 2021 @ Santa Clara Convention Center Booth #IOT244

About IoT World

IoT World is a premier Internet of Things convention and exhibition that gathers professionals from across various industries within the IoT ecosystem. IoT World provides a great opportunity to connect with industry experts and explore the latest innovation and technology. This year, IoT world will take place November 3 - 4, 2021 alongside AI Summit Silicon Valley, at Santa Clara Convention Center. Join Premio at booth #IoT244 and learn how Premio’s rugged edge computer could help collect, process, and store data to optimize your IoT application right at the edge. 

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Edge Computing and IoT 

Garner estimates 75% of data will be processed outside of the Cloud by 2025. The rapid growth in numbers of IoT devices and the amount of data that is being generated is driving the demand for edge computing. Edge computing brings compute power, data processing, and data storage closer to the source of data generation, the IoT devices and sensors. This allows access to actionable insights in real time to facilitate faster and more accurate decisions. A holistic hardware strategy is the key to unlock the full potential of edge computing. Premio provides robust computing solutions for data storage, processing, and transfer with proven reliability. Download the Rugged Edge Survival Guide eBook for a deeper dive into edge computing from a hardware perspective. 

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5G Connectivity: Ultra Reliable, Low Latency Communications 

5G technology provides ultra-reliable low latency communications with 20x faster speed comparing to 4G LTE with high band spectrum in millimeter wave. 5G also provide a broader bandwidth comparing to previous generation networks. The high capacity allows more IoT devices to be connected at the same time. The combination of high bandwidth and low latency connectivity opens opportunities for new kinds of applications such as industrial automation and autonomous vehicles where critical decisions are made in split seconds.

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Industrial Automation and IIoT 


Manufacturing is one of the industries that is going to benefit the most from 5G connectivity and IoT technology. This powerful combination fuels transformative technologies to drive efficiency, productivity, and improve worker safety. 5G enables fast, reliable, and secure machine to machine communications to facilitate manufacturing automation. In addition, 5G enables digital twin which allows manufacturers to create a carbon copy of real objects which can be used to develop products, improve process, and train employees via virtual reality equipment. 

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Next Level IoT: AIoT 


The convergence of advanced technology in AI algorithm, 5G connectivity, and edge computing is taking us to the next level of digital transformation, artificial intelligence and internet of thing (AIoT). In AIoT, IoT hardware integrates seamlessly with advanced AI algorithms to streamline and consolidate workloads without human intervention to enable next-gen applications such as hyperautomation and smart city.

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Premio’s rugged edge computers are tested and verified to provide reliable, high performance computing, connectivity, and storage even in harsh, remote environments. Contact us today to speak with our hardware experts about selecting a computing solution to meet your deployment needs.