Premio Announces support for Intel’s® newest Xeon Scalable Processors

GREATER LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Premio officially launches its next generation of server and storage solutions that are easily compatible and supported by Intel’s® newest Xeon® Scalable Processors, codenamed: Skylake. At a time where the digitization of data is ever so critical for business applications, Premio continues to deliver innovative storage solutions that solve the many industry challenges for managing and delivering data effortlessly.   

Following the success of Intel’s previous generation of Broadwell processors, Skylake looks to bring about a number of significant improvements to Premio’s versatile and high-performance storage lines, more commonly known as Flachestreams (All Flash solution), Durastreams (High Availability solution), Omnistreams (General Purpose solution), and ScaleStreams (High-Density solution). By strategically sourcing off-the-shelf components that provide flexible options, Premio’s servers provide robust balanced architecture that minimizes read/write bottlenecks, hot-swappable and redundant components for mission critical applications, and patented tray-less and tool-less designs for ease of maintenance and efficiency.

“Intel’s new Skylake Xeon processor contains a significant amount of upgrades from its predecessor Broadwell Xeon E5-2600v4s with more than 27% CPU cores, 1.5 times memory bandwidth, 20% more I/O, and AN abundance of new features such as integrated Omnipath network, NVMe RAID, QuickAssist Technology,” says, Andy Lee, Product Manager. “Now with the added benefits from Intel’s Xeon Scalable Processor, Premio can deliver top of the line server solutions and push the boundaries for business critical application and high demand workloads.”

Now with the added benefits from Intel’s Xeon Scalable Processor, Premio can look to the future to deliver top of the line server solutions for the storage market. Our flagship products FlacheStreams, DuraStreams, OmniStreams, and ScaleStreams are built with state of the art chassis designs that help CDNs and data centers easily switch and upgrade to the newest available processor from Intel’s “tick-tock” silicon design. Premio strives to “make it possible” by offering the best server performance for our customers with guaranteed reduced downtime.

See more information on performance benchmark below,

Broadwell Versus SkyLake Benchmark


Grantley with Broadwell-EP CPU

Purley with Skylake Server CPU


55-145W, 160W WS only



FCLGA2011-3 (SocketR3)

FCLGA3647 (Socket P0)


2 Socket

2/4/8 Socket


Up to 22C per socket

Up to 28C per socket


DDR4 –4 channels per socket, up to 3 DIMMs per channel RDIMM & LRDIMM support

DDR4 –6 channels per socket, up to 2 DIMMs per channel RDIMM & LRDIMM support


Maximum 768GB per socket

768GB or 1.5TB per socket


Up to 2400MT/s

Up to 2666MT/s

Coherent Socket Interconnect

Intel® QPI: 2 links per socket @ up to 9.6GT/s

Intel® UPI: 2-3 links per socket @ up to 10.4GT/s

PCIe Gen 3

40 lanes per socket

48 lanes per socket


Intel® C61x Chipset Family Wellsburg:DMI2 –4 lanes; Up to 6xUSB3, 8x USB2 ports, 10xSATA3 ports; GbEMAC (+ External PHY)

Intel® C62x Chipset Family Lewisburg: DMI3 –4 lanes;14xUSB2 ports Up to: 10xUSB3;14xSATA3, 20xPCIe*3 New:Innovation Engine, New: Integrated Intel® Ethernet up to 4x10GbE ports

External Node Controller Support


3rdParty Node Controller supported on select SKUs

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