What is IP65 Rating? IP65 Waterproof Protection

When looking for waterproof or dustproof electronic devices, chances are you've encountered the term "IP65" at some point. However, if you still need clarification on what it is and its significance for a product, fear not. When you've explored this blog, you will get your questions answered and be clear about it.


What is an IP Rating? 

Before discovering more about IP65, let's grasp what "IP" means. IP stands for Ingress Protection or is sometimes interpreted as International Protection. It's like a code that tells you how good a device is at resisting water and dust. The higher the number, the better the protection. Therefore, IP ratings help determine whether a machine can handle harsh conditions. 

What does an IP65-Rating Mean? 

The IP65 rating is about providing a solid defense for your devices against solid and liquid objectives.  

  • Dust Protection (First Digit): The "6" in IP65 means the device is highly resistant to dust ingress. It's designed to keep out even the smallest particles that might try to sneak into your device and cause problems.  
  • Water Protection (Second Digit): The "5" in IP65 signifies that the device is protected against water jets from all directions. If your device gets hit by water splashes or sprayed with a water jet, it should be safe and continue functioning. However, IP65 doesn't promise protection against full submersion or prolonged exposure to water. 

What is an IP rating chart? 

An IP rating chart is a reference tool that lists different combinations of IP ratings, each corresponding to specific levels of protection against dust and water. 

Where are IP65-Rated Devices Used? 

IP65-rated computers find their applications in various industries and environments where protection against dust, water, and challenging conditions is crucial. Here are some common places where IP65 computers are used: 

  • Outdoor Information Display: IP65 computers are often used for outdoor digital signage, information kiosks, and interactive displays.  
  • Industrial Environments: Industries such as manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics require rugged computers that can endure dust, moisture, and occasional washdowns.  
  • Outdoor Workstations: Industries like construction and agriculture often require computers that can operate outdoors on construction sites, farms, and other outdoor work environments. 
  • Transportation and Logistics: Vehicles used for transportation and logistics benefit from IP65 computers. These computers are installed in vehicles for route optimization, navigation, and communication, even when exposed to varying weather conditions. 
  • Food and Beverage Industry: Food processing and packaging facilities utilize IP65 computers to ensure hygiene standards are maintained. These computers can endure cleaning processes and exposure to water and contaminants without compromising their functionality. 

Is IP65 waterproof? 

IP65 provides a certain degree of water resistance, and it's important to note that it is not considered fully waterproof for activities like submerging the device underwater. Suppose you require a higher level of water resistance. In that case, consider devices with higher IP ratings, such as IP66 or IP67, which offer increased protection against water ingress, including temporary immersion. 

Is IP65 explosion-proof? 

While IP ratings primarily address dust and water protection, they don't explicitly cover explosion-proof properties. For environments requiring explosion protection, look for devices with dedicated certifications. 

What is the difference between IP65 and IP67 ratings? 

While IP65 and IP67 ratings offer significant protection against dust and water, the key differences lie in their water resistance capabilities. IP65 devices are safeguarded against water jets and dust, making them suitable for scenarios with occasional splashes. On the other hand, IP67 devices are not only resistant to water jets and dust but can also handle temporary immersion, making them more suitable for environments where submersion or more substantial water exposure might occur. 

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What is the difference between weatherproof and waterproof? 

Weatherproof refers to the ability of an object or material to withstand harsh weather conditions like rain, wind, snow, sunlight, and temperature changes without being adversely affected. However, IP65 only protects water and dust and does not include extreme weather conditions. 

Overall, IP65-rated computers are designed to operate reliably in challenging environments where protection against water, dust, and environmental factors is essential. Their versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of industries and applications, contributing to improved efficiency and durability in various operational settings.  

Discover IP65/IP67 rated products with C&T 

To fulfill waterproof and dustproof requirements, C&T has obtained IP65 and IP67 certifications for its waterproof computer products. The WCO series edge computers are exceptionally well-suited for outdoor applications such as digital surveillance, traffic light control, and digital signage, as they are designed to withstand varying weather conditions. 

WCO Series Waterproof Edge Computers Key Features: 

  • IP65/IP67 Waterproof Rating 
  • Robust M12 type I/O connection 
  • High quality, durability and compact construction. 
  • Rugged design for harsh environment. 
  • Wide range operating temperature from -40°C to 70°C.  

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IP65 Panel PC and Display 

In addition to the WCO-300-KBL-U waterproof edge computer series, C&T's VIO Series panel PC and display products have also attained IP65 certification. C&T's Industrial All-in-One Panel PCs and Display Monitors guarantee that the devices operate at their optimal capacity even in harsh environments, eliminating concerns about potential damage. 

VIO Series Key Features:

  • Supports various display sizes from (4:3) 10.4" to (16:9) 23.8" 
  • Resistive or capacitive (PCAP) touch screen option 
  • High-brightness display option 
  • -10°C to 60°C extended Operating Temperature 
  • Easy plug-and-play display or PC modules 

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