75% Of Data Will Be Processed Outside the Cloud by 2025. Are you Rugged Edge ready?

Today, the number of connected devices has skyrocketed and with that, their capabilities are increasingly more complex. Intelligent decision making is one area that has seen tremendous benefits as the capacity to make decisions in real-time has become vital to business operations.

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Key eBook Takeaways:
  • Brief history of IoT & the path toward a digital transformation
  • Key industry trends shaping new opportunities for rugged edge computing
  • How Rugged Edge computers process critical data in real- time before offloading to the cloud
  • What key technologies from compute, storage, and connectivity are beneficial at the edge
  • Ways different IoT modules and performance accelerators deliver new levels of performance

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Data is the new gold, with tangible impact on real-time intelligent insights for better business decisions. Achieving real-time decision making and predictive analytics is an increasingly strategic goal among industrial operations – an imperative fueled by rapid digital transformation and a growing appetite for automation upgrades across cyber-physical deployments from IT to OT infrastructure.

  • Rugged edge computing plays a critical role in this landscape, accelerating data processing based on a variety of sensor input data and enabling access and analytics closer to the data source.
  • Engineers are often forced to design compute solutions for scenarios where they lack experience to meet these growing IoT demands.
  • Rugged edge computers address such challenges and are specifically developed to withstand the rigors of harsh usage conditions with built-in durability and ruggedized features throughout.


This eBook will highlight how edge computing is moving technology and processing close to where data is generated from IoT sensors – and how rugged edge computing is advancing this strategy into more challenging physical surroundings with dedicated hardware technologies and strategies.

Readers will gain insight into how the rugged edge is defined by its need for reliable computers that process and pass data back and forth to core industrial applications and systems, accelerating the demand for machine learning and intelligent decision-making capabilities.

How Edge Compute Works

Edge Computing models enable symbiotic relationships between purpose-built hardware and software working together for interoperability into millions of connected IoT devices, large limitless data sets, and cognitive situational awareness through smart sensors and machine learning algorithms trained for AI.

Device Data

The explosion of IoT technology and sensors help generate incredible amounts of data to help inform better machine learning and intelligent modeling.

Intelligent Insights

Real-time data access and insights are enabling the edge for more intelligence and automation where inference analysis can provide real-time processing

Strategic Actions

Strategic actions based on data and insights improve costs, mitigate risks, and improve productivity and efficiency with greater agility.

Edge Computing can elevate a breadth of applications

Autonomous Vehicles

Rugged Edge computers enable autonomous vehicles because they can gather the data produced by vehicle sensors and cameras, process it, analyze it, and make decisions in just a few milliseconds.

Machine & Computer Vision

Rugged Edge computers are often connected to high-speed cameras and infrared sensors that capture a video or photo of the product, analyzing it in real-time to determine whether the product has any defects.

Smart Surveillance

Rugged Edge computers are used to gather, process, and analyze video footage, only sending footage that sets off certain triggers to the cloud for remote monitoring and analysis.

Meet the Rugged Edge

It’s Alive! Rugged Edge Computing – Human Meets Machine

Hi Humans, I am a Ruggedized Edge Computer AKA “Edge PC ” built by Premio Inc and have come a long way since my inception as a desktop computer in 1989.

How Will The Age Of AI And IoT Shape The World For More Business Intelligence?

AI systems process volumes of data with algorithms trained to mimic human brain functions. Improving endlessly, it comprehends and acts on data with greater speed and reliability.

Collect, Store, and Analyze Data for Autonomous Vehicles and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Deploying ruggedized computing solutions assist test vehicles with data acquisition and powerful inferencing capabilities for AV (autonomous vehicle) and ADAS (advanced driver assistant systems) applications

Rugged Edge Products

Edge computing devices come in a variety of different types that include, mini Iot gateways, fanless edge computers, and industrial grade embedded computers. As more processing power shifts closer to decentralized environments in remote, mobile, and harsh outdoor settings, computing solutions need to be ruggedized for reliability and power-efficiency