Leading Security Screening Provider Improves Product Lifecycle Management & Performance

Better Equipment & Improved Product Lifecycle Management for Security-Screening Provider

As the world’s leading luggage security screening provider, our client provides state of the art products, solutions, and services that meet the most demanding threat detection needs and improve operational efficiency.

Challenge: Improve Performance in Harsh Conditions & Extend Product Lifecycle

What the client had in place when they came to Premio were industrial PCs that could not operate optimally in harsh environments that consisted of intense heat, irregular power and large amounts of dust. They found themselves spending too much on servicing substandard equipment and looking for a better solution that would last and be updated easily for years to come.

Approach: Premio builds robust new design & end-to-end PLM

Premio’s longstanding relationship with the client (12 years) as a trusted hardware manufacturing partner led them to approach Premio for a solution to their challenge. Premio’s team confirmed the issues taking place and set out to create a customized solution to fit the specific environments that the client's systems needed to operate in. The solution was to utilize embedded components and a custom-designed chassis with long product lifespans that would be utilized across multiple platforms. They were able to create a system that could withstand harsh conditions and be easily updated, essentially avoiding end-of-life issues altogether.

Results: Dramatic Drop in Failure Rate, Increase in Lifecycle & Huge Cost Savings

The newly installed products and systems led to the client dropping their failure rates far below industry standards (<1%) and significant cost savings. They were able to save an additional $1.5 million/year that was previously being attributed towards service and product failures & replacements. Establishing optimal systems also led Premio to set up an effective product lifecycle management protocol across all teams. Daily operations would now run more smoothly and impacts of component end-of-life were significantly reduced. Minimizing systems variations has led to a lower total cost of ownership for the client and their average product lifecycle increasing from 1.5 to 5 years. If you’re interested in reading more about the specific methods and products Premio applied to the client’s solution, view the full case study below or feel free to get in touch with us.   

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