Industrial Touch Screen Computers & PCs

Industrial Touch Screen Computers & PCs

If you’re interested in learning more about industrial touch screen computers, you’ve come to the right place as we will share all there is to know about them. Also, if you’re looking to buy an industrial touch screen PC, you’ve come to the right place. Premio offers a wide variety of industrial touch screen PCs for you to choose from. 

What is an Industrial Touch Screen PC? 

An industrial touch screen PC is a flat monitor and PC combined into a single system, creating an industrial-grade computing solution that’s capable of surviving deployment in challenging environmental conditions that are not ideal for regular desktop computers and monitors. Premio’s line of industrial touchscreen computers is engineered and built to reliably withstand deployment and operation in the most extreme environments. Touch panel PCs are capable of withstanding exposure to vibration, shock, extreme temperatures, dust, and debris. Furthermore, one of the main benefits of deploying industrial panel PCs is that they can be mounted in any location where monitors can be mounted, freeing up precious space for other industrial machinery and activities. Another main benefit of deploying an all in one industrial PC is that they are hygienic, meaning they can easily be cleaned via high temperature, high-pressure water jets.

What are the Main Features of Industrial Touch Screen Computers? 

We will now discuss the features and benefits of deploying industrial touch panel PCs. Here are the most important features: 

1. Performance – CPU Options 

Industrial grade touch screen PCs can be configured with either the powerful Intel® Core® processors or the low-powered yet efficient Intel® Celeron® Processors. The type of processor that’s suitable for your deployment depends on the tasks you want your PC to perform and how many applications you want to run simultaneouslyThe simpler the applications and the fewer there are to run simultaneouslyyou will need less compute powerThe inverse applies; if you have numerous complex workloads that you want to perform simultaneouslyyou will want to configure your system with the more powerful Intel® Core® Processors.

For example, 
if you want your system to run complex workloads and handle multiple applications simultaneously, you should configure your system with an Intel® Core® Processor. For example, the SIO Series can be configured using the Intel® Core® i5-8365U processor that’s equipped with four cores with hyperthreading enabled. The more cores your processor has, the more powerful your computer will be, enabling it to perform complex workloads very quickly without resulting in sluggish performance. 

On the other hand, if you want an industrial touchscreen computer to perform simple, entry-level workloads, you can configure your system using a low-powered efficient processor, such as the Intel Celeron J1900 Quad-Core Processor, having a base frequency of 2.00GHz and a boost frequency of 2.42GHz at a TDP of only 10 Watts. 

2. Waterproof & Dustproof 

Industrial touchscreen PCs are waterproof and dustproof because organizations often deploy such systems in environments that expose them to dust, dirt, debris, grime, and liquids. As such, they are water-resistant and dust resistant, enabling deployment in challenging environments that are not suitable for regular desktop computers. Premio offers a wide variety of touch panel PCs that have IP ratings ranging from IP65 to IP69K.

Industrial all-in-one touchscreen PCs can operate optimally and reliably in environments where they will be exposed to various challenging conditions. AIO touchscreen PCs are hygienic because they can be cleaned using high temperature, high-pressure water jets without any prior preparation to clean the system. Just turn on the water jets and spray down the system; it’s as easy as that with the SIO Series of industrial touch screen computers. 

Making the system resistant to dust and water was made possible by fanlessly cooling down the PC. Fanless cooling allowed us to eliminate all opening and vents, thus removing dust and water’s ability to enter the system. Passively cooling the system involves using heatsinks to transfer the heat away from the internal heat-generating components to the system’s outer enclosure, which then dissipates the heat into the air surrounding the device. 

3. High Brightness Hardened Panels 

The second important feature of industrial touchscreen PCs is their display panel. Typically, panels you will find used in consumer-grade monitors have a brightness that ranges from 200 to 300 nits of brightness. However, the panels that Premio uses in its touchscreen industrial PCs feature a whopping 1000 nits of brightness, allowing operators to see what’s on the display regardless of whether the system is deployed indoors or outdoors where it’s exposed to sunlight.


Furthermore, industrial touchscreen computers are equipped with tough, scratch-resistant glass that has a hardness of 7H on the Mohs Scale, enabling the device to be deployed in challenging environments where it may come in contact with hard items.  To place things into perspective, the hardness of a copper penny on the Mohs Scale is a 3H, so you could technically drag a copper penny across the display without causing any damage to it. Also, the displays 7H hardness protects it from cracking and scratches from tools, debris, and sand. 

4. Aspect Ratio 

Moreover, at Premio, you will find industrial touchscreen computers that come in a 16:9 aspect ratio for compatibility with new equipment, as well industrial touchscreen PCs that come in a 4:3 aspect ratio for legacy equipment that still supports that standard. However, the trend is to abandon the traditional 4:3 aspect ratio monitors in favor of the 16:9 aspect ratioNevertheless, if you have equipment that supports the old standard, you will find 4:3 aspect ratio AIO PCs at Premio  

5. Optical bonding

Premio optically bonds the displays on its 
all in one touch screen PCs to reduce refraction and glare, as well as increase the durability of the display. Optical bonding involves adding a layer of resin between the glass touch screen and the LCD panel of a monitor, bonding both portions together, creating a solid laminate that is free of air. Also, since optical bonding reduces the reflection inside these components, it results in a display that’s easier to view outdoors or in bright conditions without having to increase the brightness of the screen. Overall, optically bonded screens are best for challenging environments where systems are deployed outdoors or in extremely bright environments 

6. Rich I/O 

Industrial AIO PCs are configured with a Rich I/O, which allows the systems to connect to both new and legacy technologies. Connecting to both new and legacy technologies is possible thanks to the inclusion of M12 USB connectors, as well as M12 RS-232/422/485 Serial COM ports. Moreover, AIO Panel Computers are equipped with M12 LAN ports for connectivity to the internet and other devices. USB ports allow the system to connect to new technologies, and Serial COM ports allow organizations to connect the system to legacy technologies that still use old protocols. Furthermore, additional USB, LAN, and COM ports can be added to the system for organizations that require additional ports 

7. Wide Temperature Range 

Industrial touchscreen PCs come equipped with a wide operating temperature range, ranging from -20
to 50C, which permits deployment in environments that experience extreme temperatures. So, whether you’re deploying AIO touch screen PCs in the desert where the temperature reaches 50C or in a freezing cold environment where the temperature reaches -20C, your system will be able to perform properly without running into any thermal issues. 

8. Shock and Vibration Resistance 

Industrial touchscreen computers are also resistant to shocks and vibrations. For example, the SIO Series can withstand up to 2.5GRMs and 20Gs of shock, allowing the system to be deployed in environments where it will be exposed to frequent shocks and vibrations. 

9. Connectivity 

Industrial touch display computers can be configured with a variety of different connectivity options. For example, the SIO Series can be configured with dual Gigabit RJ45 or M12 Ethernet ports for blazing-fast wired connectivity to the internet or other devices. Furthermore, industrial touch display PCs can be configured with Wi-Fi connectivity thanks to the availability of Wi-Fi kits that can be used to connect your system to the internet or other devices via Wireless LAN. Wireless LAN offers very fast data transfer speeds comparable to wired LAN, as well as decent range distance.


In the event that
 you do not have access to wired or wireless LAN, systems come equipped with SIM sockets, allowing the device to connect to the internet via cellular connectivity. Some systems support two cellular data carriers for redundancy, while others offer support for a single cellular carrierThe availability of cellular connectivity makes industrial touch screen computers the ideal solution for remote deployments that require reliable internet connectivity. Furthermore, Bluetooth can be added to devices via additional kits offered by Premio. Bluetooth offers reliable, short-range connectivity that is great for one-to-one connectivity 

Resistive vs. Capacitive Touch Options

Resistive touchscreens are the most commonly found type of screen used in industrial settings. Pressure from a users finger on the display is used to register an input, making this type of screen the ideal solution for industrial settings where factory operators wear thick gloves or use items such a style to register inputs. Moreover, resistive touch displays reduce the likelihood that a person will register a false input since pressure needs to be applied to register an input and not merely a touch of the displayAdditionally, resistive touchscreens are less expensive than capacitive touchscreens, so the less expensive solution would be to configure your system using a resistive touch screen.

On the other hand, 
capacitive displays, such as those commonly found on smartphones, use the electrical charges emitted by a human’s finger to register an input. Customers often request capacitive touchscreen because they are more accurate and enable multi-touch gestures, such as zooming and pinching.  

Resistive touch displays are more suitable for environments where operators wear gloves because resistive touch screens work better since they rely on pressure and not electrical charges to register inputs. 

What are the Mounting Options for Industrial Touch Screen PCs? 

Industrial touch screen computers can be mounted via either VESA Mounting or Yoke Mounting. VESA is a standard that has been adopted by monitor manufacturers around the globe, so there is no shortage of VESA mounting solutions for your industrial PC. The VESA mount that’s compatible with Premio’s industrial touchscreen display is the 100 X 100 VESA mounting solution. Furthermore, industrial touchscreen computers can be mounted using a Yoke Mounting solution. Premio offers yoke mounts that can be used to mount your PC. 

What Are Some of the Use Cases for Industrial Touchscreen PCs? 

Industrial touchscreen computers can be used for applications that include digital signage, interactive kiosk machines, factory automation, smart agriculture, food and beverage processing facilities, and pharmaceutical manufacturing cleanrooms. Just keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list of all applications, but only some of the most common applications. 

Premio’s Selection of Industrial Touchscreen Computers

Premio offers a wide variety of industrial touch screen PCs that include the SIO, VIO, and WIO Series of industrial touchscreen computers. All three solutions are sealed and constructed using stainless steel, delivering powerful compute power in a variety of challenging environments. The WIO Series of waterproof touchscreen PCs is hardened for harsh, rigorous environments where the system will be exposed to liquid and dust. The SIO washdown touchscreen computers are IP66/69K rated to withstand high-pressure, high-temperature washdowns in hygienic environments. Moreover, Premio offers the VIO Series of dust and water-resistant touchscreen computers, suitable for challenging environments where water may be directed at the system. So, if you’re looking to deploy a touchscreen PC in an environment where it may be subjected to water splashes, the VIO will deliver great performance while offering water resistance. However, if you need a system for deployment in a hygienic environment where the PC needs to be washed down, explore the SIO Washdown Series if industrial touch screen computers. 

Where Can You Buy Premium Industrial PC Touch Screen Computers?

Premio has been designing and building industrial-grade touchscreen PCs in the United States for more than 30 years in the United States. Premio’s solutions are designed and built to work in the most challenging environments where other machines will fail, making them one of the best solutions to power mission-critical operations in industrial settings worldwide. Additionally, if you need any assistance choosing an industrial touchscreen PC, please contact us and one of our touschreen PC professionals will assist you with selecting an option that meets your specific requirements.