Embedded, Customizable Solution Helps Medical Group Grow Their Business

A non-profit Chicago Healthcare Delivery System wanted to focus on their core medical business, not on IT. The non-profit came to us with a unique goal: they wanted an OEM manufacturing solution partner who could provide and support a standardized product, and they also wanted to extend the lifecycle of that product to five years. Complicating matters further, during the course of the relationship, Intel stopped supporting their desktop motherboards. Though challenging, we looked at it as an opportunity to provide a completely unique and customized solution.

Replacing Off-the-Shelf Hardware While Maintaining Standardization

With a reputation for using advanced technologies to provide best-in-class patient care, most of their existing computer hardware was a typical, off-the-shelf solution from Intel. What they needed was the latest corporate desktop hardware that could be customized with a variety of components for specific labs and hospital stations. This was especially tricky because they also needed to adhere to the standardization necessary in the medical field. In addition to needing a partner to design and install their desktop solutions, the client also needed that partner to anticipate and support weekly product repairs and replacements (to reduce downtime).

Best-in-Class Embedded Hardware with End-to-End Lifecycle Support

When Intel Stopped Supporting their Motherboards With the Intel motherboards needed to fit the hardware no longer available,Premio used their strategic partner to design and manufacture their own motherboards to take their place. When Inventory Management is Essential While it is standard for an OEM manufacturer to barcode a system serial number, we were able to barcode the unit, part number, system serial number and even the hard drive, essentially streamlining the process for bringing in computer products. When the Life of the Product Needs to be Guaranteed for 5 Years Meeting the needs of a 5-year lifecycle, with minimal changes, was accomplished by switching a few critical components with longer lifespans. Turning to the embedded division, Premio designed the client’s 3rd Generation platform based on Intel’s 4th Generation technology.

Custom Systematic Solution Reduces RMA and Service Turn-Around

Since 2008, the Chicago Healthcare Delivery System has seen steady and continued growth in their business relationships. Project deployment time was also cut in half by both sharing non-critical components across each generation wherever possible and by Premio’s on-demand logistical support.


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