From the past to the future. We will talk about how Premio helped our customers succeed in the past, and what are we doing to empower our partners to achieve exceptional business results in the future.


From digitization to automation, listen to what's new in the industry, what are the challenges businesses are facing these days, and how Premio is paving the way to continue helping our customers succeed.


We will showcase some of the high quality, reliable innovations with powerful processing and connectivity for the next generation of embedded IoT.


AI Edge Inference Computers

Certification Ready Industrial Computers

Fanless Small Form Factor Computers

DPU Accelerated Servers

Featured Speakers

Event Agenda


Welcome to the 2021 Premio Rugged Edge Computing Event

Crystal Tsao
President and CEO


Defining Rugged Edge Computing

Dustin Seetoo
Director of Product Marketing

Product Showcase

AI Edge Inference Computers

Dustin Seetoo
Director of Product Marketing

Product Showcase

Fanless Small Form Factor (SFF) Computers

Calvin Chen
Sustaining Product Manager

Product Showcase

Certification Ready Industrial Computer

Robert Lu
Director of Technical Operations

Product Showcase

DPU Accelerated Server

Peter Hsu
Server Solution Architect

Product Re-cap and Summary Discussions

Live Q&A with Premio Sales Team

Market Solutions

Industrial Automation

Explore how Premio Industrial PCs deliver unprecedented flexibility and scalability to Smart facility digital transformations and Industry 4.0 overhauls.

Kiosk Machine Computers

Explore how embedded computers and touchscreen panel PCs help kiosk machine designers deliver interactive self-service experiences for end-user loyalty

Rugged Edge Computing

Explore how rugged edge computers bring processing power, storage, and connectivity closer to the source of data generation in the most volatile IoT deployments today.

NVR Surveillance

As agile, network cameras grant sight to all areas of an organization’s domain, explore how rugged NVR computers enable intelligent surveillance in remote, moving and severe environments.

DPU Server Acceleration

Explore how DPU accelerated servers bring a convergence of the latest technologies in data center architectures that enable new performance benchmarks for incredible compute power, efficiency, and scalability from the data center network and out to the edge.

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Editorial Features

AI GPU computing delivers data-center performance on the factory floor

Processing complex visual tasks more efficiently than the human eye requires data in real time and lots of it. Specialized computer hardware like industrial GPU computing solutions must be powerful enough to run complex vision algorithms and consolidate workloads that resemble data center computing.

Powering Deep Learning and Inference Analysis in Heavy Industrial Applications

The massive amount of data generated by intelligent, connected devices is well served by high-performance edge computing – so long as its environment is stable and unchanging. Premio brings the benefits of edge computing to heavy industrial applications in harsh, unreliable settings.

Consolidating workloads at the rugged edge: Enabling inference computing anywhere

Rugged Edge computing is a requirement in many applications, and the demand is growing as we move forward. The applications that require these features today include robotics, industrial automation, and mobile data aggregation.

NVMe at the Rugged Edge: Powering Inference Analysis in Extreme Industrial Computing

Rugged edge computing accelerates data processing based on sensor input data, enabling access and analytics close to the data source. To achieve that in industrial settings, machine learning is required but must be supported by dedicated hardware

About Premio

Premio is a global solutions provider specializing in computing technology from the edge to the cloud. We design and manufacture highly reliable, world-class computing solutions for enterprises with complex, highly specialized requirements for over 30 years.