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Premio creates unique purpose-built products for ISVs and Solutions Providers. Our fully-validated solutions, coupled with globally-available value-add services, are unmatched by general-purpose products. Our infrastructure is designed to support high-mix small and medium volume customers, accommodating both built-to-order and built-to-forecast assembly.

Premio focuses on the fastest growing IT infrastructure vertical markets, such as VDI private cloud, converged server & storage virtualization, software-defined storage, data center warm & cold storage, digital content streaming and SSD caching for cloud and enterprise storage. Our focus is also on the continuously evolving embedded world, such as industrial automation, transportation, gaming, medical, kiosk, and digital signage.

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Better By Design

Premio’s Core Designers provide our customers with nearly unlimited potential. The design teams include C&T Solutions and EchoStreams (Premio’s sister companies), solution partners (Advantech & Dell) and channel partners (Intel, Microsoft, and others). For every application, Premio has you covered; whether you’re interested in creating a purpose-built machine from scratch, or just need to rebrand existing technology.

Our reference designs help you deploy faster and spend less time prototyping. For completely new applications, however, we can provide concept designs, product design & development, and chassis design or redesign. We’ll also provide guidance through extensive market research, helping you plan a product roadmap and future-proof your designs. And because we provide quality control, testing, and product analysis from the very first prototype, we ensure the high-quality end product possible.

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Managed Expectations

Premio begins each project with the end in mind, plotting out each step before manufacturing begins. This attitude, forged by our long experience in the industry, has kept our customers safe and our lines rolling even during times of crisis. Because even the simplest projects can still require dozens of considerations, we assign a full management and support team to every customer.

From our Regional Sales Managers, who empower you to realize new product opportunities, to our Account managers, who support your day to day sales and operation, we’ll stabilize your supply chain, provide documentation and validation of your products, and monitor daily production operations by setting – and enforcing – quality controls and systems testing criteria.

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Integrated and In Tune

We know that our customers are real, human, and have a lot of irons in the fire. Our goal is to approach you with the understanding that you need solutions fast and in plain English. That’s why – no matter what production or design stage you’re in – Premio is ready to get on your level. We believe that each of our customers is unique, so we’ve created an engagement process that treats you like an individual from start to finish.

This simple act of putting your needs first, and keeping an ear out for your input, helps Premio ensure your satisfaction with our end product. Combined with a 24/7 web-based monitoring app (provided at no extra charge to each of our customers), our approach enables us to integrate our services flawlessly into your company’s flow and avoid costly surprises.

...and keep things moving...

Controlled Quality

Premio’s quality control begins at the earliest planning stages of every project. Our commitment to quality workmanship and efficient business operations are governed by our compliance to ISO 9001, 13485 and 14001 standards. This assures that customers receive high-reliability products and services that meet or exceed industry standards.

By partnering with us, you can more rapidly deploy application-ready solutions with greater integrity and reliability. Our high availability solutions are designed to maximize the buyer’s return on investments and reduce maintenance, service and support costs.

...from start to finish...

Managed Lifecycles

Nothing lasts forever, but through an array of quality control and project oversight techniques, Premio ensures that your product revision cycles are as far apart, or close together, as you need. From long-term embedded devices to rapid-revision consumer electronics, Premio has you covered.

By using our turnkey devices, custom-off-the-shelf products, and full-custom designs, you’ll be able to ensure consistent quality from the first unit to the last. And when it comes time to revise, upgrade, or decommission your products, Premio has the full-service capabilities to help. Our blend of stocking, shipping, and re-ordering techniques ensures your customers never notice a break between product revisions.

...behind you all the way.

Worldwide Logistics

A satisfied customer is one that knows exactly where their products are and when they’ll arrive, so Premio's promise is to deliver your products on time, every time, worldwide. That’s why we integrate our manufacturing services with custom shipping and stocking solutions which can be combined in any way that suits your needs.

Keeping consistent open communications with partners and vendors, monitoring industry-specific changes and performing vertical market analysis throughout your projects’ lifecycle, allows Premio to anticipate and respond to any supply interruptions before they happen. We keep parts on-hand to buffer against disasters, and our customer-specific web portal provides global inventory control, automated alerts, and total revision control. For every shipping concern, from last-minute reorders to reverse logistics, Premio has the experience you need.

...behind you all the way.

End-to-End Support & Recovery

Quality customer experiences can make or break a vendor. Since Premio understands the importance of customer fulfillment, we go the extra mile to ensure that everyone walks away happy. We provide complete customer service and support, return to vendor services, and maintain buffer inventory for RMA servicing.

Our global on-site service options, and de-centralized depot centers, allow us to react quickly when a product fails to live up to customer expectations. And because we know that not all our services are right for you, we save you money by providing snap-on support as you need it. Our expertise ensures a swift resolution to any problem so that when mistakes are made, recovery is swift, painless, an inexpensive.


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A Little Bit About Us

What We Do

Premio provides comprehensive design, manufacturing, and logistics solutions for industrial and consumer electronics vendors worldwide. We offer a broad range of products, including customizable servers, storage, embedded hardware and panel solutions. And while our services can cover many different applications, we specialize in five markets – security & surveillance, network appliances, digital signage, embedded hardware and healthcare.

We were built around the belief that simplicity and flexibility dominate our customers’ needs. So for every design, assembly and delivery need, Premio has a solution. Our expertise, earned over the past twenty-five years, allows us to approach any project with the assurance of getting it right, right away. Wherever we’re needed, Premio is ready when you are.

Then and Now

We began as a computer assembler and vendor in 1989. As the consumer electronics market changed and grew, we invested in larger and more advanced manufacturing facilities. Now, thanks the vision of Management Team, and the dedication of everyone on the Premio team, we are a premier global provider of ODM solutions and OEM services in the US, EMEA and APAC. We take pride in our end-to-end support, which means a complete, self-contained solution to any problem you face.

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