Purpose built, built to Perform

Purpose-Built Servers & Storage

Driving the Evolution behind IT Infrastructure

Premio offers a full range of fully-validated server and storage platforms purpose-built as building blocks for server and storage appliances, such as All-Flash-Array for CDN or Scale-Out HPC storage, High-Availability Software-Defined-Storage, Object-Storage for IPDC Warm or Cold Storage, Virtual-Desktop-Infrastructure and Hyper-Converged-Infrastructure etc.. All these platforms have gone through a rigorous Design-Verification-Testing process to ensure reliability, compatibility, and regulatory compliance. Premio is an Intel-Direct Platinum Partner and uses mostly industry-trusted Intel PCSD server boards and genuine Intel components in these platforms. The innovative system packaging design and unique feature-sets offer OEM customers, solutions far beyond what other COTS general-purpose solutions offer. Whether you are an OEM, ODM or JDM, a Fortune-500 business or a startup, Premio’s Value-Added-Services, flexible business model, innovatively-engineered server and storage solution platforms, offer customers a total value proposition no other vendor can match.


Our Flachestream line provides the fastest and highest density rackmount servers available on the market today.

Designed to reduce your downtime to zero, Premio’s DuraStreams line is meticulously built to be some of the most stable and easiest to service rackmount servers available on the market today.

When you need a server that provides both all-around performance and the flexibility to scale with your business, the OmniSteams line delivers a solution that is able to keep pace with the changing demands of your business.

The Scalestreams line of High-Density Servers delivers a solution that improves the power-efficiency while increasing the density of the computing power.

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