Purpose built, built to Perform

Purpose-Built Servers & Storage

Driving the Evolution behind IT Infrastructure

Premio offers a full range of fully-validated server and storage platforms purpose-built as building blocks for server and storage appliances, such as All-Flash-Array for CDN or Scale-Out HPC storage, High-Availability Software-Defined-Storage, Object-Storage for IPDC Warm or Cold Storage, Virtual-Desktop-Infrastructure and Hyper-Converged-Infrastructure etc..

All these platforms have gone through rigorous Design-Verification-Testing process to ensure reliability, compatibility and regulatory-compliance. Premio is an Intel-Direct Platinum Partner, and uses mostly industry-trusted Intel PCSD server boards and genuine Intel components in these platforms. The innovative system-packaging design and unique feature-sets offer OEM customers, solutions far beyond what other COTS general-purpose solutions offer.

Whether you are an OEM, ODM or JDM, a Fortune-500 business or a startup, Premio’s Value-Added-Services, flexible business model, innovatively-engineered server and storage solution platforms, offer customers a total value-proposition no other vendor can match.

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