Industrial LCD Display Kit

PI-DK Series: LCD Display Kits

Premio provides premium Industrial display systems designed to provide a clear and vibrant image in a flexible structure that can fit a variety of applications. Ranging from 7” to 21.5”, our line of displays provide a full suite of configurations and features that create a seamless integration for your final product. Each display kit is available with LED backlighting and supports a wide operating temperatures.   To provide an immersive experience for users, every display kit comes with the option of adding touch sensitivity. From 5-wire Resistive Touch to 10 points Projected Capacitive multi-touch options, Premio is able to deliver a premium touch experience that enhances the value of the display without sacrificing durability and clarity. Each display can be created to withstand a variety of settings. We supply options that integrate optical bonding for harsh environmental conditions. For a clear viewing experience when outdoors, we offer an option for high brightness that provides a clear image in full sun scenarios. As an industry leading OEM, we strive to create displays that are able to be formatted to perfectly integrate with your product. We are one of the few US-based OEMs that features a fully functional clean room to ensure your next Industrial Display Kit is flawless upon installation. Our team of experts can make sure your product is configured to your specifications and brought to market with our streamlined supply chain. Built to last, we back each LCD display kit with a 2 year warranty.


Premio 7” Industrial Display Kit

Premio 8.4” Industrial Display Kit

Premio 10.1” Industrial Display Kit

Premio 10.4” Industrial Display Kit

Premio 12.1” Industrial Display Kit

Premio 15” Industrial Display Kit

Premio 15.6” Industrial Display Kit

Premio 18.5” Industrial Display Kit

Premio 19” Industrial Display Kit

Premio 21.5” Industrial Display Kit

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