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Here at Premio, each one of our products is created to benefit every aspect of life within the healthcare industry. From interactive digital signage to medical touch PC’s, we provide an entire package of solutions that’s secure, easy to use, and in turn, will increase productivity and reduce the stress in fast-paced professional environment. Each one of our products is powered by Intel 6th Generation CPU’s, which ensures smooth performance.

We work with you to provide the best type of platform that will work 24/7 without any difficulties. We understand the stress that technology brings, and we are here to provide all the necessary steps in order to create the smoothest running environment for everyone. Premio prides itself on its service and working with our customers to find the perfect solution. We work with you every step of the way and beyond the final product to ensure that everything works smoothly and securely.

Digital Signage

“I believe the future of healthcare is going to be powered by data and analytics.” – Graham Hughes, Chief Medical Officer, SAS Center for Health Analytics and Insights

As technology has evolved, the rise of touch screen technology has become a norm in almost everyday life. Digital Signage among many others has risen through the ranks as a key information provider for many big businesses. With big data, cloud applications, and many other technological advances, digital signage is becoming a large platform. Based on projections from a global industry analyst firm, it is projected that the global digital signage systems will reach an estimated $13.8 billion. Paired with the right digital wayfinding software, panel PC’s has paved the way for a new age of easily accessible information.

“We needed robust digital signage that major manufacturers weren’t able to offer on a scale while complying with ADA and OSHPD requirements and sustaining high performance and easy IT manageability.” – Product Manager of Planning, Design and Construction

Premio has created a one of a kind digital signage solution that can play a crucial role in aiding visitors and staff with all the information necessary to stay up to date within any healthcare facility. Powered by Intel® 6th Generation Core i5-6500 Processor our PA-DSG42PFHi501 is the first all in one Panel PC that is ADA compliant and contains anti-microbial coating designed to keep the surface and glass germ resistant. Alongside these features, our PA-DSG42PFHi501 is already OSHPD pre-approved in one of the largest children’s hospitals in Palo Alto.

We strive to provide the best service available to compliment our product. We understand that software is a key integral part of the system, and among many digital signage solutions, 22 miles is one of many that we worked with in providing the best software for digital signage and digital wayfinding. 22 miles is a global leader in digital signage and way finding software that can compliment any environment. Whatever service you choose, we provide the perfect platform to deliver the right message and information to all audiences.

Healthcare IT

Premio has also given way for medical staff to have access everything they need right at their fingertips. The advances made in technology have also shaped the way the healthcare industry operates. The use of professional IT solutions has strengthened the relationship between doctors and patients. To be able to have access of records and all sorts of information is big leap for healthcare staff to help reduce the every day stress and drive information towards end-users.

Our touch monitors are lightweight and come in 22” and 24” and created to be mounted on Medical Mobile Carts. These PC’s, similar to our 42”, are also equipped with anti-microbial coating. In addition to being powered by Intel Core CPU’s, our medical panel PCs are also given Intel MacAfee in order to truly create a secure platform that staff and patients can trust. Not only do we ensure the security of confidential information, our products are given 24/7 system run-time support.


Premio HCDS-42-V 42

42″ Interactive Healthcare Digital Signage Solution


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