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As a Preferred Dell OEM Channel Partner, Premio is well positioned to create value for your organization. With over 25 years of experience in providing custom OEM solutions, Premio is the wise choice and the perfect partner to help you unleash the full potential of your brand. We are fully committed to being an extension of the Dell OEM team and implementing a customized service solution to enhance your experience using Dell Products. We stand with Dell, shoulder-to-shoulder, to do whatever it takes to transform your ideas into reality and move your business forward faster.

Passionate customer service with flexibility is what Premio does best. We specialize in wrapping our infrastructure around your business model. Our experienced and professional Account Management Teams become a seamless extension of your organization dedicated to enhancing your competitiveness, operational efficiencies and success. We strive to create a competitive advantage for you at every step along the way and become a one-stop-shop for solving your most difficult challenges.

Solutions: where ideas become a reality – faster

Dedicated Account Management Team for Domestic and International Projects

Custom Logistic Support; Global Delivery On-Demand & Reverse Logistics

Custom Image Creation, Parts Assembly, and Acceptance Testing

Inventory Management

Product Lifecycle Management and Revision Control

U.S. and International Order Fulfillment with Restricted Party Screening

Custom Branding, Bezel Design, Kitting, Packaging & Labeling

Custom Client Web Portal for all Business Process, Data Inquiry and Reporting

BIOS Development

Flexible Financing Options

Premio’s Dell OEM Products

A quick overview of the Dell products we offer as a Dell OEM Preferred Partner

PowerEdge Shared Infrastructure

High-performance Dell PowerEdge blade servers, arrays of storage and simplified integrated networking come together to give you all the benefits of a full rack of gear — without the hassle of assembly, setup and exposed cabling


The Dell™ PowerVault™ MD family is an affordable choice for reliable storage. The new MD3 models improve connectivity and performance while scaling capacity with the MD expansion enclosures. Software features provide data protection, improved performance and ease of management. This frees up valuable resources to help reduce costs and make innovation a daily practice.

MD Storage Family

MD3 Storage Array Series

MD3 Dense Array Series

MD3 Fiber Channel Array Series

MD3 iSCSI Array Series

Workstations, Desktops & OEM-ready Monitors

Dell OEM Solutions provides you access to the complete portfolio of Dell desktops, workstations, and desktop virtualization solutions. From specifically designed systems for OEMs to corporate line of Precision workstations and OptiPlex desktops, Dell can provide you with the solution you need.

Optiplex Desktop Computers
OEM Ready Monitor

2214H OEM Ready

Boost your solution’s productivity with the visually brilliant Dell 22 Monitor Model P2214H OEM Ready.

The Dell 22 Monitor Model P2214H OEM Ready offers you multiple ways to help increase the productivity of your solutions and promote your brand

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