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Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce retailers in the world. They’re publicly traded and are universally recognized. Amazon has managed to maintain their huge advantage over other e-commerce companies and brick and mortar shops by providing low prices, unique products, and fast delivery. They are renowned for being the best platform to sell items business-to-business and business-to-customer. They’ve maintained their popularity over the years because of their competitive advantage and adaptability.   Amazon has branched out into the technology, entertainment, and food sector by producing their own home assistants, readers, and streaming services (music, movies, & tv shows). They provide everything any person should need or want. Amazon has even managed to entice frugal students by offering cheap subscription packages and even competitive textbook rental prices. They have also managed to get recognized brand name products on their website, further attracting people who were initially skeptical of their site. And lastly, Amazon is trying to make their site a one-stop shop by offering same-day delivery for produce; this is all made possible because of their large variety of products and services.   Amazon offers a couple of subscription services that add onto their premium subscription service, Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime offers members free 2 day shipping and the freedom to stream movies and TV shows anywhere. Amazon Fresh is an option that can be added onto Amazon Prime, it allows consumers to purchase and have fresh produce delivered to their home in the same day. Their extension into grocery stores and purchase of Whole Foods, is a sign that they’re expanding their reach into their consumers’ lives.   Amazon is seeking to extend its reach into your home. Amazon is adding a new service to their already unbeatable subscription package, Amazon Key. The introduction of the Amazon Key will allow deliveries to be made inside your home. One of the main concerns of shoppers is that their package will be stolen if they’re not at home to receive it. The creation of this system is to ease the fears of people who are worried their packages will be stolen if left unattended, encouraging them to purchase their products through Amazon rather than other stores.   The Key is supposed to be used in conjunction with the Amazon Cloud Cam which connects to your internet and sends the live video feedback to your smart device. The Cloud Cam is used as a surveillance camera for your home, you can turn it on remotely from your phone and watch it wherever you are. Its purpose is to automatically turn on and record when deliverymen unlock the door to deliver the package to when they leave and lock up for you. The Key will work as a smart lock, with a keypad, scanner, and physical lock. The courier will be able to scan a barcode that will grant access to the house. The Key will also grant access to people that you want to access your home without giving a physical key to, like your dog-walkers, guests, and house cleaners. It can even generate access codes for guests so they can gain access to your house when you’re not available. If the Amazon Key is a success, more people will be enticed to purchase an Amazon Prime membership for all of the benefits that they offer.   Amazon is further investing in their future in home devices. They have recently acquired Blink. Blink is a startup that specializes in doorbells and cameras. The major selling point of Blink is the fact that their cameras do not need to be wired in to work, they can operate for an approximated 2 years off of AA batteries. Blink’s other projects include a recently released outdoor camera that has night vision capabilities. They have also introduced a combination of their camera and doorbell, producing their own smart doorbell. This smart doorbell gets its energy from batteries like its predecessors. Currently, Blink is working on producing an encompassing home security system.   Blink has not been engulfed by Amazon yet, but their capabilities and sources of competitive advantage may soon be incorporated into the Amazon Key and Cloud Cam. Blink’s products remain underneath their umbrella for now, but they are already Amazon compatible. All of Blink’s products support the Alexa function.   Drawbacks?   While this may seem like a great service, many people are still worried about the privacy. Critics are worried about the technology used to make this and if it’s easily hackable, allowing thieves to gain access to their home. Security systems for homes may also have to be deactivated on delivery days, leaving homes unprotected. Some reviewers are unhappy with the fact that because they have a dog, deliveries will not be able to be made inside the home. Amazon couriers have been instructed not to deliver packages inside the home if they hear a dog. It’s for the safety of the courier and for the dog that they don’t attempt to deliver inside. There’s still things to work out, but if it’s successful other large retailers may be following suit. Amazon is working in a partnership with the manufacturers of these doorbells, and other retailers may have to partner with Amazon to get in on the ecommerce business or they’ll be left behind if Amazon Key becomes the next big thing.